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True story: the moving story of a house like no other, from 1880 to the present day. Urbex, discoveries, genealogy and renovation…

In 2020, a family stumbles upon an abandoned house, filled with intact furniture and memories. After visiting it urbex-style and falling madly in love with it, they end up buying it. This marks the beginning of a most unusual investigation. Between incredible discoveries of hidden rooms and fireplace niches… and a family tree that gradually emerges.
This prompted the author to compile the story and its twists and turns in a handsome book combining text and photographs: the almost hundred-year-old owner, the story of all the people she came across in the yellowing photos at the bottom of the drawers… their destiny torn apart by two world wars.

To honor the memories of ordinary people, so no one forgets them. Along with the thousands of followers who share their passion for this story, the reader follows the trail of the Alice Villa, step by step, to unravel the mysteries of a place that has kept its soul, which this book shares in an original, sensitive and entertaining way.

This is the adventure that the author has been sharing on social media since her very first visit to the Alice Villa: more than 40 episodes have been posted on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, with a total of 20 million views! And press articles, TV coverage, unsuspected links with new people linked to the Alice Villa. A phenomenon!

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Maele Vincensini

Maële Vincensini is a freelance graphic designer working in publishing (having previously worked for Gallimard and the Albin Michel group) and communications, who left everything behind to settle in Brittany with her family. She bought a house there, an extraordinary villa that inspired her to tell its story with images that are as surprising as they are touching. She now lives in Brittany, France.

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