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200K +

200,000+ copies sold.

Finalist of the 2023 Babelio Award for best French romance

Translated into 6 languages, at auctions

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Joining a gang? Avalone could never have thought of that.
Finding a family in the midst of all this violence?
Even less.
And yet…

“Although I thought I was going to spend my first year of college in the most ordinary way possible, focused on my studies, with a couple of friends, nothing could have prepared me for the turn my life would take.
I should have known that having a best friend whose brother is in the Devil’s Sons gang was a recipe for trouble. But the last thing I expected was to find myself tied to a pagan gang in Michigan. Let alone develop a friendship with those bad boys with guns. And certainly not being attracted to Clarke Taylor, the most out-of-control and dangerous of them all…
Now I’m trapped, and I have only one option: to help them. Against my will…”

Rights sold

Spanish / Siren
Portuguese / Casa das Letras / at auction
Russian / Mann, Ivanov, Ferber / at auction 
Italian / HarperCollins / at auction
German / HarperCollins / at auction
Polish / Muza / at auction


Chloé Wallerand

Chloé Wallerand lives in the south-east of France. A passionate reader after discovering the Harry Potter series and a dreamer, she started writing when she was fourteen years old. She began the Wattpad adventure a few years later, where she experienced a huge craze with her romance The Devil’s Sons, which reached more than 7.5 million readers. She escapes into the tumultuous relationships of her characters and into crafting imaginary worlds that she secretly keeps to herself.
What does she love most of all ? Hope. Because even in the darkest places, all it takes is a spark to break the obscurity.

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