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An innocent pact between three childhood friends turns into a murderous nightmare twelve years later. Major crime novelist Pétronille Rostagnat’s first novel republished in mass-market paperback.

Versailles, France. July 2000. Three childhood friends, Capucine, Emma and Louise, meet at a bar to celebrate their school-leaving certificate results. Over a beer, they make a pact to become mothers before they turn 30.

July 19, 2012. Twelve years later. Alexane Laroche, head of the Paris Crime Squad, pays Capucine a visit. Her friend Nathan has just been found brutally murdered and mutilated in a Place Vendôme parking lot. The letter « P » engraved on his left ring finger. July 24, 2012. Five days later. Capucine receives an enigmatic message, bearing obscure news: « Nathan is gone. You have a second chance… P. »

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Pétronille Rostagnat

Pétronille Rostagnat is a French author of crime novels.
A globetrotter, she held several marketing positions before taking up writing in 2015. In just seven novels, she has established herself as one of the leading lights of the French crime genre. Awarded the Cognac 2022 award for best French-language novel for « J’aurais aimé te tuer « and the Grand Prix Iris Noir Bruxelles 2023 for « Quand tu ouvriras les yeux », she is currently working on the TV adaptation of her two latest novels. « La Fée noire » is her first novel.

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