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When Sarah crosses paths with a dead little girl who asks for her help,
she has no idea that following her will lead her to the door of a man

racked by grief and madness.

Guillaume is on a business trip when his ex-wife calls to share her concerns about the insecurity in her neighborhood. Suddenly, the call is abruptly interrupted and the phone rings into the void…

When Guillaume arrives, he finds his ex-wife and daughter Mia between life and death. Despite the care provided by the emergency services, they die. Guillaume’s grief brings back the ghosts of the past, gradually transforming him into the father he hated. He’s determined to rebuild his family at any cost, but how far will he go?

Sarah, a passionate career woman in her forties, is hit by a car while jogging, forcing her to slow down. On her way out of hospital, she meets a little girl who asks for her help. However, Sarah learns that this little girl has died in the same hospital. Hallucination or ghostly vision? Despite her hesitations, Sarah finally agrees to help the little girl.

What connection does she have with her? Why is she asking her to find her father? Perhaps her sessions with the psychologist will provide some answers. Danger lurks, but Sarah is too absorbed in what’s happening to realize it. Will she emerge from this quest unscathed ?

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Salvatore Minni

Salvatore Minni lives and works in Brussels. A professional translator, he started writing at an early age. He was revealed to the public with « Anamèse », finalist for the 2019 Club Readers’ Award, which rewards the Belgian author of the year. He won in 2018 the Mot Passant Award with Claustrations, and in 2019 Balai d’Or Jury’s Favourite Award, also with Claustrations.

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