About Us

A literary agency based in France
Sale and acquisition of translation rights

Founded by publisher Yannaelle Boucher and author Jean-Pierre le Mat, Leor Literary Agency is a domestic & foreign rights’ agency based in France. From global rights coverage to professional counselling , Leor Literary Agency specializes in the sale and acquisition of translation rights for fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books on the behalf of a careful selection of independent French publishers.

We believe that the most original creations come from independent publishers. The ambition and high standards of publishing houses such as Locus Solus, Apogée, and la Pimpante have caught the eye of foreign publishers and prompted a deep interest in independent French press. Leor Literary Agency is proud to represent such a range of dynamic publishers and promote French culture overseas.

In addition to attending the Frankfurt and London book fairs, our team makes regular trips abroad to meet with publishers and ensures every client benefits from the highest possible level of care and professionalism. We make it our mission that every book can find its readers, no matter where they are.

Meet the team

Yannaelle Boucher

Co-founder of Leor literary Agency, Yannaelle holds a master’s degree in Publishing and had worked for Coop Breizh Publishing, Locus Solus Publishing, and Flammarion before specializing in domestic & foreign rights. With a keen eye for talent, an unwavering determination, and an undying enthusiasm, Yannaelle is committed to bringing artists and publishers together while maintaining impeccable professional standards.

Jérome Delattre

Co-Manager and Marketing executive at Leor Literary Agency, Jerome is a professional web developer. He oversees the agency’s social networks and IT maintenance. He particularly enjoys illustrated and sociology books.