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In this secret handbook, you will find all the information you need to track down these big firebreathers. Learn about each creature in detail and discover tips and tricks to guarantee their observation in total safety.

The reader will find dragons from all over the world and explore their different characteristics and quirks. Learn about Earth Dragon, Forest Dragon, Dark Dragon, and more! Some hide treasures, some have unique flying techniques, and some live in unlikely places. But all have one thing in common: they seek to hide their existence, so you’ll have to be an early riser to see them!

This book contains a description for each dragon with a sketch to help the hunter spot it easily. Information about its history, habitation, and quirks is also included. A fact sheet furthermore provides tips on how to observe and protect yourself from it. Finally, read testimonies from people who have encountered the creatures! At the end of the book, additional information is provided about reproduction, the powers of dragon blood, flying techniques, and more. So many secrets revealed by Timothée, one of the greatest dragon hunters the earth has ever seen.

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Patrick Jézéquel
& Charline

It was perhaps during his long summers roaming the moors and old roads of Brittany, France by foot that Patrick Jézéquel developed a taste for stories. Later on, notebooks filled with unfinished texts revealed this everlasting passion for storytelling. If today he still follows the path of his childhood dreams in pursuit of dragons and fantasies, it is to finish all these beautiful stories that he once started. Charline is an illustrator with a passion for the world of imagination and tales. Since childhood, she has developed an amazing graphic universe full of details and oddities. Charline is particularly fond of watercolor and is inspired by nature to create her works.

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