During a jewellery store robbery, things get out of hand, the point of no return is reached, and a vengeful monster is unleashed. Chief Inspector Fleurot witnesses the crime and tries to put an end to the murder storm that nothing seems to be able to stop.

FORMAT: 155 x 236
PAGES: 592
WORDS: 150 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Cosmopolis éditions
RIGHTS SOLD: Mass-market (HarperCollins France)

The Work

“We get in, we collect the money, we get out. Nobody gets hurt.” Their plan seemed safe. The jeweller would not press charges for the robbery since his money came from illegal sources. Damien, Elijah, Audrey and Driss thought they had found the perfect solution to all their problems. But things get out of hand, the point of no return is reached, and a vengeful monster is unleashed on their heels.
In hiding a few meters from the store, Chief Inspector Fleurot witnesses the scene. Despite his superiors’ threats, he cannot resign himself to letting it happen, he must reveal his presence on the spot and help track down the robbers. Would he rather blow up his career or his conscience? He doesn’t know that he has just stepped into the worst case of his life… And that the hideout he had been assigned to will make him the key witness to a murder storm, in the wake of a cold and methodical killer that nothing seems to be able to stop.
A pure weapon of torture and death, he has no name, no face, a habit of killing and a graveyard of corpses behind him. But in this case, there is no contract. This time it’s personal for him.
From the Middle Eastern deserts to the dark and silent cities of France, when vendetta runs rampant, nothing can save you anymore.

The Author(s)

Born in 1974, Cédric Sire has been a major figure on the French thriller scene for several years. He is the author of ten novels and two collections of short stories, on the edge of mystery and suspense. Winner of the Masterton Award and the prestigious Cognac Crime Festival Award, he is the author of several best-selling books translated throughout the world. Some of them are currently being adapted for television. All of them have been a great success, both among critics and the public. With Vendetta, the twist specialist enters the exclusive circle of thriller masters.

Key Sales Points

– Nearly 20,000 copies sold since release (Cosmopolis edition only). HarperCollins’ mass-market edition released in May 2021.
– A multiple award-winning author.
– A novel highly praised by Frank Thilliez, one of France’s major bestselling author in the Thriller genre.
– A high-voltage robbery, a downhill cop, a breathless hunt shaken by misleads.
– The scenario is breathtaking, the twists and turns follow one another, leading the reader to enter the darkness of the human soul.