A Wicked Wound

Vilaine Blessure

Frank Darcel

FORMAT: 145 X 225
PAGES: 584
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 185 000 approx.
PRICE: 21.00 €
PUBLISHER: Le Temps Editeur
RIGHTS SOLD: Film adaptation

The Work

For three weeks in early summer, police officers are faced with some of the most critical situations they have ever known. Cunningly staged rape scenes, the mysterious kidnap of two children and a ritual murder will keep them alert and put them to the test, all against a background of new-age beliefs. These events will also crack the respectable veneer of French high society.

Lieutenant Laure Jouan and her colleague Martial Hart will carry out their investigation in the heart of an intriging, closed society, steering their course from a psychiatric hospital to a metropolitan graveyard by way of a strange Parisian school.

The Author(s)

Frank Darcel founded the group Marquis de Sade in 1977 (reformed in 2017) which played at major European festivals in summer 2018.

He is the author of two novels published by Flammarion in 2004 (le Dériveur), 2007 (l’Ennemi de la Chance) and a third (Voici mon sang), brought out by Editions de Juillet in 2011.

Key Sales Points

– By the guitarist and composer of the famous French rock group, Marquis de Sade.– – A gripping, mystery thriller. – Shortlisted for the prestigious Cognac prize for dective novels in French, 2019. – Winner of the Carhaix book festival award, 2019.