A crazy day on December 31th carries the reader along in a succession of events where fate is the main factor. Neo-Nazi twins escape from prison, and soon they will go on a rampage…

Antoine Leger

FORMAT: 148 x 207
PAGES: 232
WORDS: 64 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: M+ éditions

The Work

On the evening of New Year’s Eve in southwest, France, the destinies of eight people will intertwine.
Eight men and women with different paths and objectives will find themselves linked by pure chance. As these strangers celebrate the new year, the suspense will rise page after page and burst exactly at the stroke of midnight to create a chain of events that will keep the reader on the edge of their seat.
In the middle of the night, twin brothers Franck and Hans Zoma escape from the Muret prison, filled with hatred and violence and believers in the neo-Nazi movement. This event disrupts the party and turns everything upside down. The brothers are nowhere to be found. Where are they hiding on this New Year’s Eve? Everyone is on maximum alert. Inspector Clark and his assistant Aurelie will not be partying tonight. After what they discovered in the prison, they must find the twins to prevent a horrible carnage…
The countdown is on. They have to stop them these men from crashing the parties and starting a new year of horror.

The Author(s)

Antoine Leger lives in Toulouse, France. He has been writing thrillers and detective stories for the past fifteen years and is a master of creating Hitchcockian stories that are a blow until the very last page. He received the Concours de Bessancourt Award for Joyeux anniversaire (2005) and the Fondcombe Special Jury Award for Le six coups de minuit (2014).

Key Sales Points

– A novel on the trail of the Das Reich division with a painful memory, neo-Nazis will clash until the ending in fireworks.
– A thriller carried out in an ever-accelerating tempo about these two unscrupulous beings, their gruesome games, and their blood-chilling imagination.
– The author, himself a twin, expertly weaves in the ambiguous nature of the brothers’ relationship which swings between hatred and terror.
– Short chapters, an incisive and effective style.