After killing her violent husband, Chloé finds refuge
on the Scandinavian island of Heldenskøn. But strange phenomena drive her to explore the mysteries behind an ancient manuscript linked to an old secret society.

FORMAT: 139 x 225
PAGES: 391
WORDS: 87 000 approx.
RIGHTS AVAILABLE: English Worldwide, Italian, Scandinavia
PUBLISHER: Presses de la Cité Publishing

The Work

Chloé, an archivist and bibliographer living on the shores of northwestern France, has her curiosity piqued after finding a strange and ancient manuscript in her family home.
A longtime victim of her husband’s violent beatings, one day Chloé shoots him and flees by boat to the Scandinavian island of Heldenskøn. This is where her father, a famous yet mysterious author, was born and raised. On this isolated island, she discovers a remote monastery and settles into a seemingly cozy pension run by Grégoire, an enigmatic professor.
At first, she feels safe with this new life in a new town. But soon doubt hangs over her like a heavy cloud, and sleepless nights drive her to find out more about the old manuscript. The ancient book recounts the tale of a secret society of mute women living underground for centuries, right there on the island. They’ve been tasked with guarding humanity’s knowledge and secrets for all of eternity.
Does such a society exist? What if the manuscript wanted Chloé to take it back to where it belongs? And… why is Grégoire so interested in the book?

The Author(s)

Sophie Endelys is a former judge at the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris and has a career as a magistrate while devoting herself to writing. She has published four novels.

Key Sales Points

– A well-written novel with endearing characters and captivating flashbacks.
– The reader will travel from Gutenberg to the 21st century and discover the secrets about a society of women tasked with recording the vast library of the world.
– Different plots will ebb and flow together to create a mesmerizing story written by a master novelist.