When Gerfaut learns that Brittany, land of legends, is also called the gate of hell, he knows that he will have to face the impossible.

FORMAT: 148 x 216
PAGES: 232
WORDS: 64 000 approx.
PRICE: 21.00 €
PUBLISHER: editions du 38

The Work

In the middle of Brittany in northwestern France lies the mysterious Yeun Elez. It is in this place of many legends that a ghost hunter vanishes during an investigation, two children disappear, and a man is crucified before being beaten to death.
The prosecutor panics and calls Major Gerfaut for backup. When the latter learns that this land of legends is also known as the gates of hell, he understands that he will have to face the impossible and work to uncover the secret of the Fortress of the Cursed.
Used to sadistic killers and defying the invisible, Gerfaut expects the worst. Little does he know that the evil which awaits him will go beyond anything he could ever imagine…

The Author(s)

After studying law, Gilles Milo-Vacéri lived for years experiencing multiple adventures in the army. He then began a series of trips to several continents to discover other cultures. He is a multifaceted author and writes detective novels, thrillers, adventure novels rooted in ancient or more contemporary history, and fantasy stories inspired by reverie and daydreams, to reveal an imaginary world that knows no bounds.

Key Sales Points

– More than 4,000 copies sold in 4 months.
– A charismatic police officer meets a serial killer hunter to demonstrate a range of strong personalities written with extraordinary talent.
– An investigation at the edge of the paranormal, with Brittany as a backdrop, crimes that resonate with the past, and a complex plot.