What is the link between a woman found dead on a
beach and a school bus accident that occurred in
1999? What is this shadow that traumatized the only
witness of the tragedy, who has not spoken but one
word since?

FORMAT: 140 x 220
PAGES: 296
WORDS: 64 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: La Trace edition

The Work

It is a stormy day in Brittany, France. Yvan Rivarol, surfer and journalist, discovers a woman engulfed in the violent waves of the sea: she is dead. He brings the body back to the beach and notices deep cuts on the woman’s sides. The authorities are called, and the police come and go. With the case closed too quickly for his taste, the journalist decided to investigate this suspicious death.
The atmosphere in the town of Kergoual is heavy and oppressive. Rivarol meets the town’s strange residents who to him are all under a heavy blanket of suspicion. Too many suspicious deaths, all suicides, according to the townsfolk sow doubt in his mind.
Rivarol eventually learns about the story of a terrible 1999 bus accident and that of the young Nicolas Pouliquen, the only witness of the tragedy, who has only uttered the word “shadow” since. As he dives into the dark past of the village and the forest of Langoat, he explores the mystery of this shadow that has raged over the town and caused chaos for so many years…

The Author(s)

Bertrand Bréneau, born in 1978 in Saint-Nazaire, is married and has three children. The only son of an electrician father and a housewife mother, with no connection to the world of literature, Bertrand Bréneau has always loved telling stories and adventures, inspired by the author Ian Fleming and the actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. His first novel, The Heart of an Assassin, was published in 2019. The Day of the Shadow is his second book.

Key Sales Points

– His writing is precise and rhythmic as the reader navigates a perfectly illustrated dark and ambiguous universe.
– The suffocating atmosphere is realistic and perfect to make this thriller take your breath away.
– Adrenaline times a thousand!
– This powerfully terrifying thriller will not leave you unscathed!