Mobility the End of a Dream?



Liam Fost

“Following the sudden disappearance of his wife and only daughter in a car accident, Adam seems to be witnessing paranormal phenomenas.”

FORMAT: 140 x 210
PAGES: 342
WORDS: 82 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Editions Inceptio

The Work

Faced with the sudden disappearance of his wife, Celia, and only daughter, Eleanor, in a car accident, Adam Weiss’ life is turned upside down. Devastated, he struggles not to let his memories fade away, and sinks into alcohol, abandoning himself completely.

By chance, he will meet a woman, Maud, whose daughter Sarah was friends with his deceased daughter. It turns out that Sarah has a supernatural contact with Eleanor. Indeed she talks with her, or so it seems so.

This event shakes Maud as much as Adam and leads him to seek explanations through a sleep specialist. On her side, Maud gets in touch with a friend, a journalist, to try and dig a little more into what happened during the accident.

As Adam gradually regains a taste for life, new revelations about the accident revive his pain. Adam’s beliefs are shattered.

Paranormal phenomena or lies surrounding the tragedy? Could they be alive? Is he desperately sinking into madness?

The Author(s)

Liam Frost has always been passionate about reading and quickly discovered the pleasure of writing. He draws his inspiration from various readings ranging from Stephen King to Bret Easton Ellis. He began writing short stories and then published two novels: Volatilisés and Cry for help which won the Fyctia thriller award.

Key Sales Points

– A story skillfully mixing drama, investigation and suspense.
– By the author of Cry for Help, winner of the Fyctia award for thrillers, and counting more than 200,000 Wattpad readings.