For the Best and the Least Worst


For the Best and the Least Worst

A married couple who are drifting apart travel to a secluded place of civilization, to undergo marital therapy with a doctor who uses very unconventional methods.”

Elie Hanson

FORMAT: 215 x 140
PAGES: 294
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 67 000 approx.
PRICE: $19.95 CAD
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2018
PUBLISHER: Editions ADA inc
RIGHT SOLD: France (édition des lacs)

The Work

Caroline and Mathieu, a married couple, are drifting away. To undertake marital therapy they decide to go to the Al Fayed Estate in the Canadian mountains, a secluded place of civilization, where a psychiatrist with very unconventional methods helps couple to bond again.

On their way, under pouring rain, they discover a stopped car, and inside the seats are covered in blood. As they can’t find anyone nearby, all they could do was call for help and continue on their way.

Once at the estate, nothing happens as planned: instead of the luxurious stay they had imagined, they find themselves facing a series of disturbing events, drowning, kidnapping, confinement in a secure room to escape from criminals…

Moreover, Mathieu is quickly accused of the murder of the man in the abandoned car.

Caroline and Mathieu will have to call upon all their courage and regain mutual trust to face the situations, because in this remote place in the mountains where the storm is raging everything is possible.

Who is this Doctor La Pointe? And who is so angry with him?

The Author(s)

Born in Cairo, Élie Hanson is a globetrotter who lived on four continents before finally settling in Montreal. He is qualified in translation and French literature and has been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his contribution to Canadian culture with the novel Le Carnet maudit.

Key Sales Points

– The author offers readers a rich store of surprises, delivered as a flowing and thoroughly entertaining story which is hard to put down.

– A scene that takes place in the middle of a storm, far from civilization. As unsettling a story as one could wish for!