“Ö, a whistle-blower, makes an enigmatic appeal to the whole world, becoming the main target of national, international and criminal organizations.”

Frédéric Zumbiehl

FORMAT: 220 x 145
PAGES: 544 |
WORDS: 155,000 appx.
PRICE: 19.90€
PUB DATE: 10/20
PUBLISHER: M+ Editions

The Work

Ö has sent a message to the whole world with precise revelations about its leaders. The objective? No one knows. But as a consequence, the world of politics and finance rocks. Peoples rise up and Ö’s letters are read as a gospel. Everybody, in each corner of the world, is looking for this mysterious whistle-blower. They are all bound by one and the same entity, Ö, who might be a person, a helper, a whistle-blower, an angel, a demon… Who knows?

As investigations, plots, attacks and assassinations cross paths, Ö remotely guides two journalists, Noa and Angela, towards the possibility of a new peaceful world order whose secrets they must unravel. Meanwhile, everything gets involved with Vatican affaires, a world of ill-intentioned clerics who are compromised by Ö, and in the heart of NSA, a special unit is working to find out where Ö comes from.

Noa and Angela are helped by many protagonists as they flee the ecclesiastical powers and leave the bodies quickly piling up behind them. This book reflects upon the condition and place of the spheres of political, religious and economic power in today’s world and an alternative represented by this “revealing angel”, Ö.

The Author(s)

After a career as a fighter pilot and as a professional aerial advertising pilot, Frédéric Zumbiehl turned to writing comic albums and novels, particularly detective stories and thrillers. He is the author of, among many others, Buck Danny (Dupuis Publishing) and the Tanguy et Laverdure series (Dargaud Publishing).

Key Sales Points

– A captivating thriller with multiple points of view and plots, all linked to the same unknown factor: Ö.
– A constant rhythm that keeps readers on the edges of their seats until the end.