“A private and secluded island, five people claiming a
mysterious inheritance, no way out… Immerse yourself
in the breathless suspense of this book that begins
as an oppressive lock-up and takes you on the tracks
of an intriguing conspiracy.”

FORMAT: 130 x 180
PAGES: 426
WORDS: 76,000
PRICE: 14.99 €

PUBLISHER: Chambre Noire éditions

The Work

A private and secluded island, five people claiming a mysterious inheritance, no way out… A small Breton island, a private island, without any access to the outside world. It is on this island that Hugo, Harold, Eugenie, Victor and Naima come following the invitation they received. They don’t really understand why they are here, but this legacy story intrigues them a lot.
When they arrive they get to know each other, they realize that they have absolutely nothing in common, they don’t come from the same town, they don’t come from the same family, they don’t have the same origins, they don’t have the same age, they don’t have the same jobs. They don’t understand how such different people can be bound by the same inheritance. But very soon mysterious events will show them that they should have been cautious.
Why do Naima, Eugénie, Hugo and Victor find themselves confined on the island of Saint-Riom? Who is this mysterious ancestor whose identity is jealously kept secret? Who is secretly pulling the strings of this mysterious plot?

The Author(s)

After a first life made of music bands, tours around the world and studio recordings of albums, Florian Dennisson traded his guitar for a pen. As a passionate reader of Agatha Christie’s novels from a very young age, his favourite genre was the thriller, but generally speaking, he likes to tell any story where suspense plays a major part. Every day, he digs deeper and deeper to imagine endearing characters and unexpected twists!

Key Sales Points

– An Amazon bestseller since release. More than 20,000 copies sold.
– A scary plot, between the And Then There Were None and an escape game.
– A story that’s not what it seems to be at first.
– The characters are totally distraught by what is happening to them. They will have to dig deep inside themselves to untangle the real from the fake.
– Sometimes it doesn’t take much for our life to take a dangerous turn. Especially when we find ourselves in the grips of some people’s dark intentions.