A young girl disappears without a trace. Eleven years
later, she mysteriously reappears. What did Victoria
Savigny undergo these past eleven years? Where was

FORMAT: 150 x 220
PAGES: 448
WORDS: 97,000 approx.
Right Sold: French Audiobook/ First option in English and Italian
PUBLISHER: Chambre Noire

45,000 copies sold

The Work

The tragic event regarding Victoria Savigny’s disappearance brought a wave of terror over the entire community and Maxime Monceau, who at the time was a young police officer, still remembers it. Now a chief warrant officer and assigned to the investigation, he must try to answer the many questions surrounding the case. What was Victoria Savigny subjected to during those eleven years? Where was she? Are other girls in danger?
Eleven years ago, young Victoria disappeared without a trace. Then one day, after a terrible car accident, the missing girl reappears. What happened during all those years? How did she survive? How could she have never seen the face of her kidnapper after so many years of captivity?
The clock is ticking, the kidnapper is still at large. The investigation is confronted with various problems due to the long time that has passed since Victoria’s disappearance as well as the massive arrival of journalists looking for inside scoops following the unexpected return of the young woman.
Now a specialist in non-verbal language, will Maxime be able to decipher Victoria’s strange story to find the kidnapper and save the other potential victims?

The Author(s)

After traveling around the world and recording albums with various bands, Florian Dennisson traded his guitar for a pen and decided to live from his novels in 2015. That same year, he created Chambre Noire, his own publishing house specializing in mystery fiction, thrillers, crime, and suspense novels. As a passionate reader of Agatha Christie’s novels since a very young age, his favorite genre is detective stories, but he likes to tell any story where suspense is a major part.

Key Sales Points

– The second part of the hero Maxime Monceau’s investigation, but this novel is part of a stand-alone series, where each volume can be read independently of the others.
– The List, the successful first volume of the Maxime Monceau series, was translated into English and Italian.
– Well-written thriller with rising suspense and an unexpected twist.
– The reader becomes attached to the main characters of the novel and wants to follow their story to the end.