Anne-Lise will soon be 18 years old but she looks 13. She has to avoid provoking her stepfather, not to get beatten. Until the day she is filled by a rush of hatred…

FORMAT: 135 x 200
PAGES: 202
WORDS: 50 000 approx.
PRICE: 17€
PUB DATE: 03/20
PUBLISHER: Hatanna éditions

The Work

Aren’t our parents meant to be our first protectors and prepare us to lead full and happy lives? Unfortunately, some people are not so lucky and Anne-Lise is one of them. She will soon be 18 years old, but she looks 13. Her absent mother, an alcoholic, leaves home one day, forcing the young teenager is to stay behind with her stepfather.

Her life quickly becomes horrendous. She has to avoid provoking Tremond and leave him alone when he is drunk, so that he can have a break – or otherwise she will get a beating. Fortunately though, Madame Huguette, the neighbour, opens the door to her, but be careful, just open it for now, but don’t go in because if Tremond finds out…

Until the day when the police come to her home to investigate her stepfather for murder. At the head of the brigade is a young officer called Maud who is struck by the state in which she finds Anne-Lise’s. Little by little, a kind of complicity is born between them.

But Anne-Lise is filled by a rush of hatred. She feels she has no choice but to get away, to leave this world into which she did not ask to come… in any way she can.

The Author(s)

Sandrine Chemison comes from the Charente region of Western France and this her first novel. This confident fifty-year-old enjoys life to the full, infecting her beloved friends and family with energy. She also wishes to help those young people who fully involve themselves professionally without compromise.

Key Sales Points

– Impossible to put down. The story draws you in, moving and sometimes upsetting you.
– A difficult subject and carefully chosen words that clash enjoyably, progressively laying the stones of a deliciously exciting suspense story.