The List


A strange man introduced himself to the police station
claiming responsibility for the murder of four people.
Four names on a list. Four unknown victims.

FORMAT: 150 x 230
PAGES: 366
WORDS: 81,000
RIGHT SOLD: English Worldwide (BloodHound), Italian (DRI editore)
PUBLISHER: Chambre Noire éditions

40,000 copies sold

The Work

Four names on a list. Four unknown victims. How to identify them and break the silence?
Sergeant Maxime Monceau, a specialist in non-verbal speech, has been assigned to investigate a mysterious case that puts the Police Investigation Unit at a dead end. A strange man has turned himself in to the station, accusing himself of murder.
The problem is that, apart from a single sentence that he chant over and over again, the stranger remains totally silent about his identity and the reasons that led him to commit murder.
The clock is ticking and, without evidence or victims, this suspect could be set free and carry on with his murderous madness.
A nameless killer appears out of nowhere, invisible victims and only one lead to hold on to: a list.

The Author(s)

After a first life made of music bands, tours around the world and studio recordings of albums, Florian Dennisson traded his guitar for a pen. As a passionate reader of Agatha Christie’s novels from a very young age, his favourite genre was the thriller, but generally speaking, he likes to tell any story where suspense plays a major part. Every day, he digs deeper and deeper to imagine endearing characters and unexpected twists!

Key Sales Points

– Amazon N°1 bestseller for over a year, more than 40,000 copies sold
– Maxime Monceau, the main character has a complex, tortured personality, he is both strong and frail. We feel that he is hiding something, but what? What maybe this secret that disturbs him so much? Is he really ready to go back to work after several weeks off? And why these weeks of leave? An endearing character, well-defined from the beginning, who will reveal himself as the story unfolds.
– The style is addictive, no long and useless descriptions, just what it takes to jump in. Enough twists and turns to make us want to keep reading. A delight!