This exciting thriller is filled with great mysteries that reveal the dark and terrifying side of human nature. This captivating novel leads the reader on a complex journey of chilling discoveries and is a puzzle just waiting to be put together.

FORMAT: 145 x 220
PAGES: 288
WORDS: 77 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: M+ éditions

The Work

Three girls disappear one after the other and are found dead near a pond in the Dombes region of Eastern France. Dressed up like schoolgirls with painted faces and cut hair, each child is displayed in a shocking position.
A fourth girl disappears, but her father’s past of suspected terrorism leads the police to concentrate only on the other murders.
With time, other pressing matters take precedence, and the case goes cold. But the murderer makes sure that the police do not forget about the mystery with terrifying and taunting messages!
Seven years later, inspector Dominique Deschamps arrives on a scene where explosives have been discovered. Nearby, the pond with its sordid past sits and a body is found in a cabin, surrounded by newspaper clippings linked to the disappearance of the girls. Will this lead to a wild goose chase, or are the cases linked?
Twists and turns will keep Deschamp on his toes throughout his investigation as he learns not everything is what it seems to be…

The Author(s)

Frédéric Somon is a retired police officer and has devoted much of his career to the special branch of judicial police. He uses this experience to pay tribute to his former colleagues and to highlight the close relationship between the national police force and the judicial system. Today, he lives in Nîmes and spends his time writing poetry, various texts, short stories, and novels.

Key Sales Points

– Fiction mixed with real events.
– Full of suspense, the story is a labyrinth of false leads, but is tied together perfectly at the end.
– Captivating writing by a master novelist.
– The author’s former profession allows him to demonstrate without judgment and lead the reader on an exciting investigation!