This gripping novel examines the elements that cause a man to go over the edge and make him cross the line of evil… Guaranteed to captivate the reader until the very end!

FORMAT: 145 x 220
PAGES: 300
WORDS: 75 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: M+ éditions

The Work

In the heart of a small town, Patrice Lorenzi leads a well-ordered life between traveling for work during the week and spending time with his family in the weekends. Nothing could ever stain this perfect picture or so this happy family thinks.
The day his child disappears, everything Patrice once believed in is shattered, and his life working as a prison warden is turned upside down. He knows, being in contact with evil all day long, what it is capable of; he can only fear the worst for his son.
A promise and strange proposal from a stranger will lead Patrice into a nightmare dictated by hatred and driven by revenge. The countdown to his fate, now set for eight weeks, will leave him with only enough time to achieve a single goal: becoming an assassin.
This particularly dark novel recounts the fall of a man as he struggles with the loss of his family and the consequences that follow once he takes justice into his own hands.

The Author(s)

Mathieu Bertrand was born in 1969 near Paris and grew up in Corsica. As a former student of the Regional Institutes of Administration, he now works as an executive in French public administration. In 2016, he published his first novel, Satan’s Emeralds. His second novel, I Will Cry Later, is a thriller based on the revenge of a father broken by fate. He lives in Agen in the south of France.

Key Sales Points

– A text which incites a great amount of meditation…
– This book is a must-read thanks to the author’s rich writing and riveting psychological contemplation.
– The themes in this book such as decay and revenge are all the more captivating when the author illustrates them through intelligence, realism, and urgency.