500 years ago, the sorcerer Bune was murdered and the door to evil was left wide open. Today, Commander Patricia Lagazzi is assigned to the Landes region of Southwestern France to investigate a series of disappearances under strange circumstances..

FORMAT: 140 x 220
PAGES: 312
WORDS: 86 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: M+ éditions

The Work

January 1519: Constable Charles de Bourbon orders Captain Philippe d’Alesani to rid France of its witches and catch those trying to escape the Holy Inquisition. It is during this assignment that d’Alesani stabs Bune, a horrible sorcerer who has opened Abaddon’s Gate, the portal of evil, and dies before revealing its location.
January 2019, South of France: Isabelle lives a hellish life with an alcoholic and violent husband. Her son sets out to murder this father who terrorizes them both. At the same time, Major Patricia Lagazzi, a police officer and expert in criminal cases linked with unexplained phenomena, is assigned to the Landes region of France to investigate a series of disappearances that occur there in strange circumstances.
These two stories happening centuries apart will suddenly collide in a struggle that mixes witchcraft, religious order, and the special services of the Ministry of National Security.
In the end, is it good or evil that will prevail?

The Author(s)

Mathieu Bertrand was born in 1969 near Paris and grew up in Corsica. As a former student of the Regional Institutes of Administration, he now works as an executive in French public administration. In 2016, he published his first novel, Satan’s Emeralds. His second novel, I Will Cry Later, is a thriller based on the revenge of a father broken by fate. Mathieu Bertrand is passionate about visiting places steeped in history and history in general. He has a particular interest in the Middle Ages. He lives in Agen in the south of France

Key Sales Points

– A dynamic and fast-paced esoteric thriller steeped in mystery with a hint of the supernatural.
– The plot piques enormous curiosity and the chapters follow one another on a riveting adventure.
– The anguish and suspense grip the reader from beginning to end.