To the Point of Madness



“In a psychiatric hospital, a nurse finds herself at the heart a series of unsolved murder in which she seems to be mysteriously linked.”

Cindy Lia

FORMAT: 150 x 230
PAGES: 425
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 107,000 approx.
PRICE: 17.90 €
RIGHT SOLD: German(Tatort Verlag), Audiobook (Saga Egmont)
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

The Work

Alicia, a nurse with recent psychiatric and mental health certification, joins the team at Center Hospital, an old institution in the heart of New-York whose legends come before its reputation. The building itself holds its share of mysteries, including secrets and inexplicable phenomena. One of the hospital’s most unusal characters is Julian, a patient with a fiery temperament who after just arriving is already giving the medical staff there a hard time.
While the law of silence reigns within the hospital’s walls, Alicia finds herself at the heart of a series of unsolved murders that quickly plunges her into an investigation at the risk of her own life.
Between attachment and wariness, she no longer knows if she can even trust her instinct. And who can she turn to? In this hospital, no one knows where the demons are hiding, whether within the patients or staff itself.

The Author(s)

Cindy Lia lives in the Paris area. Since her childhood, she has dreamt of travelling, of wide open spaces and different landscapes and cultures. Although she has not been there yet, the United States is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. She enjoys writing roles for strong, independent heroines… And mysterious men who chase after them.

Key Sales Points

– Amazon bestseller for over 2 years in the category Medical Thrillers.
– A dark, disturbing atmosphere against a romantic backdrop with a heroine who is fearless despite her flaws and a worrying, unsettling hero.
– A nerve-wracking suspense where anything might happen at any time.
– A devilish and enthralling plot, skillfully managed by the author..

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