A ballerina meets the singer of a famous rock band. They are nothing alike, yet together they will start to play a dangerous game. How far will this collision between two broken hearts go?

FORMAT: 148 x 207
PAGES: 424
WORDS: 122 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

4 million readings when first published on the Wattpad platform

The Work

Ally is a ballerina; Chester is the singer of a famous rock band. Chester is a man as cold as he is ill-tempered. Known to the media for his many eccentricities, the rocker embodies a world without rules. It is a world in complete contrast with that of the dancer, who must bend to the strictest discipline. But things aren’t always what they seem.
After discovering Ally’s true identity during a nightclub trip to Los Angeles, Chester is determined to forget about the young dancer, but it is not easy when professional obligations get in the way. His band’s music video shoot is coming up, and Ally and Chester are shocked to learn that they’ll be playing a passionate couple on camera. The explosive duo must bury the hatchet and cooperate to comply with the director’s instructions.
The collision between hard rock and classical dance may start to see some sparks fly. What if the line between acting and reality becomes blurred?
Between disgust and desire, Ally and Chester’s masks crack and their armor falls off. Can they risk exposing their broken hearts to this undeniable chemistry between them? Or will their story end before it ever truly began?

The Author(s)

Jennifer Guerrieri lives in the south-east of France. A
dreamer and passionate reader, she began writing for
Wattpad in September 2017, under the nickname
madworld. In less than a year, she finished writing her
first dark romance In the Hands of a Criminal, which reached
a total of more than 4 million readings on the platform
and was a great success with French-speaking readers.
After signing with Plumes du Web Publishing, the story
was given the name Criminal Attraction.

Key Sales Points

4 million readings when first published on the Wattpad platform.
– This book has a bewitching darkness that makes the reader want to read it to the last page.
– The author tackles serious social issues such as harassment, grief, and rape with an accuracy that takes the reader on a roller coaster of emotions.
– This second volume is largely at the height of volume 1.