To respect a deceased friend’s last wishes, a young
man and woman have to see each other every month
whether they want to or not. Has their friend woven
the strings of fate?

Valentine Stergann

FORMAT: 148 x 207
PAGES: 414
WORDS: 97 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web
RIGHTS SOLD: Audiobook (SAGA Egmont)

The Work

Luna is a loveable, mischievous, and lively young girl. She bathes everyone around her in her aura of cheerfulness, starting with her two best friends: Nell Grace, a lonely young woman, concentrated on her studies and slightly out of step with her peers, and Sully Cartwright, a young man who can only hide his sadness behind a smile. Despite sharing Luna as their best friend, Sully and Nell loathe each other.
However, all that will change for the group of friends when Luna dies of cancer. Before dying, the young woman has arranged for her best friends, Nell and Sully, to meet once a month to stop them from mourning alone. And, despite their strong reluctance, they gradually find common interests and come to appreciate each other being there.
Has Luna succeeded in understanding the bonds that tie her best friends together to create a beautiful love story?

The Author(s)

Valentine Stergann is a kindergarten teacher who has always loved writing. Her stories set out to convey a message of tolerance and love by drawing on her complex characters and showing their funny side.

Key Sales Points

– 86,000 Wattpad readings when first released on the platform.
– The book takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster ride.
– A moving love story with particularly endearing characters who develop throughout the story.