When one of Gabriella’s friends is found murdered, she is fascinated by the investigation and will quickly realize that her life may also be in danger…

FORMAT: 140 x 210
PAGES: 480
WORDS: 140 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

The Work

Is it possible to be both the greatest protector and the worst of jerks? Gabriel is an expert in this game, especially when it comes to Gabriella, his best friend, and his lover, too, at times. She is a beautiful and insecure young woman who nevertheless knows what she wants. And what she wants is him, Gabriel, and always has been. They have known each other since they were born. Between them, it is inflamed and passionate, with an overwhelming intensity, as much in friendship as in love. Their feelings are impossible to channel, and after one of the most turbulent experiences as a couple in high school, they decided never to try it again. But losing each other is not an option, so they may as well live their own lives, partying around and cherishing their friendship.
Now, surrounded by their best friends Chiarra, Jo, and Adamo, they form a group of friends at Boston University, where Gabriella tries her best to pass her year in criminology and hold onto Gabriel, who has become a true Casanova in no time at all… But one morning, everything changes. One of their friends is found murdered. This will be both a drama and field work for Gabriella, who becomes fascinated by the investigation and quickly realizes that her life may also be in danger…

The Author(s)

Océane Ghanem lives in the north of France, near the Belgian and Luxembourg borders. Passionate about reading and writing since she was young, she loves to tell incredible love stories, where passion is synonymous with sacrifice and redemption. Her characters evolve in an unforgiving world in perpetual evolution. The Saga of Souls marks her return to writing after the success of her first book, the 3-volume fantasy romance Blue Belle. The Saga of Souls, was a huge success on Wattpad with more than 4 million readers.

Key Sales Points

– A thriller where suspense, uncertainty, and perversity rule.
– Between stalking, love, friendship, and success,
Gabriella will juggle, play, and hunt. But is she now the target of the hunter?
– The subtlety in the words the author uses and her writing is so poetic and bewitching that we always want more.