Morgane Perrin



Haylee will do anything to save her sister’s life, but will she risk her own life to do so? This touching, poignant, and addictive romance was written from the heart!

FORMAT: 146 x 219
PAGES: 332
WORDS: 76 000 approx.

The Work

Life is far from rosy for Haylee. At only 25 years old, she works like crazy to make ends meet. Her sister Joyce is seriously ill, so she has no choice. She is the only family Joyce has left. But when fate comes knocking, will she be ready to open the door?
One evening while she is working, she meets Ariana, a beautiful redheaded woman who offers her a very special job. If at first she refuses, Haylee has no other choice but to accept when her sister suffers from a relapse…
The job in question? This popular platform, reserved only for the very wealthy, remains a secret to the general public. The only solution to ensure her sister is saved is right before her eyes… So, Haylee steps into a world of desire, deceit, and unimaginable surprises.
But she is far from truly knowing how much her first client will upset her. The mysterious Joker, as he is called on the platform, is ready to pay to have her all to himself… But for what reasons?

The Author(s)

Working in the health field, Morgane Perrin became passionate about romance in her late teens. Since then, writing has become an integral part of her life and allows her to express herself freely through her characters. She has also written An Inconvenient Marriage, The Contract, and Shadow of the Past. Morgane loves sharing her novels with her readers, which greatly enriches her everyday life.

Key Sales Points

– A roller coaster of emotions illustrating the stress of
this young woman’s life and the anguish that follows– but it all finishes with a happy ending!
– An addictive, gripping read that you will devour!
– This reading is 100% sensual and 100% fantasy.