My Boss

Sophie Phlippe

FORMAT: 148 x 207
PAGES: 232
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 64 000 approx.
PRICE: 21.00 €
PUBLISHER: Shingfoo publishing

The Work

Abby McCarter gives her final-year defence in front of an inconvenient jury and above all a relentless businessman named Nick Obrian. It could have all ended here but while she was waiting tables at the restaurant where she works to pay for her studies, she came face to face with Nick and his partner, Connor Marxwell, who offered her an internship in their company. A golden opportunity that she can’t refuse but which implies an original condition… She will have to hold out for 2 months under the orders of her boss, otherwise she commits to spend a whole day at his service, to do whatever she wants… Abby starts her internship… in Nick Obrian’s office ! She then discovers an authoritarian and unmanageable man… and they quickly hate each other! But their attraction is also uncontrollable… By dint of spending time together, their relationship evolves but Nick refuses to admit his feelings, and he is quickly confronted with the harsh reality when Abby decides to date her cousin Jared. An unbearable situation for the businessman who sees this rapprochement in a very bad light. Finally, he pushes her away to the point where Abby decides to return to her homeland, resigning from her internship. But very quickly the lack of it becomes intolerable for the boss. He succeeds in convincing her to come back and makes her no longer a simple trainee but a director of the organic branch of the company. However, an unexpected twist of events sets the wheels in motion again; a former employee of the holding company takes the building hostage, with Abby in the foreground, trapped while her beloved finds herself helpless outside the building. They eventually get out safely, but the young woman’s injuries are not as minor as they seemed. Finally, the lovers recover from their misadventures and must find a new rhythm in their personal and professional relationship. They get married and soon enough Abby finds herself pregnant.

The Author(s)

At the age of 22, Sophie escapes from her law classes thanks to writing, her passion since she was a child. Passionate about romance, but also about science fiction and fantasy, her characters with their strong characters are deep and irresistibly moving. Stories full of emotion to discover absolutely!

Key Sales Points

– dynamic between two imperfect but endearing main characters and a group of friends who meddle in everything! Emotions go from cold to very hot, making the story addictive and exciting.