Love Interdit


Love Forbidden

“From hate to love, there is only one step”

FORMAT: 146×219
PAGES: 268
WORDS: 65 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Shingfoo Editions
RIGHTS SOLD: Italian (Believe Edizioni)

The Work

Beautiful, sparkling and determined, Raphaëlle Walton leads a dream life: a wealthy and loving father, a bunch of friends, luxury clothes, access to the trendiest parties in town … In short, her life is perfect. . Or rather she was. Everything goes wrong the day she finds herself in the family jet heading for Monaco, and in the company of her dad and her partner who comes to spend the summer with them. Carter Herrera. A formidable businessman, as unbearable as he is attractive.
From the start, cohabitation does not work. Carter, an ambitious 30-something who’s made a name for herself in the business world on her own, finds it hard to tolerate daddy’s girl Raphaëlle. She represents everything he despises: arrogance, concupiscence, exuberance.
When Raphaëlle learns that her father is going to cede all his empire to Carter, and that the villa of her childhood is part of the lot, she will try everything to derail the deal. Seducing him to tell his father everything is one of them. Things quickly get out of hand between them.
Happy end at the end.

The Author(s)

Elena May has always been passionate about reading and writing from a young age. But when she discovers, by chance, New Romance, it is a real passion that begins for the young woman!
Naturally very studious, she quickly realizes the atmospheres she likes to find in the many books she reads, the characters she likes to see evolve and the stories she hates ending!
She then decides to embark on the adventure, and to create novels which resemble her and which will thrill the readers, who like her, want to find emotion and passion in their reading. Elena May’s books are quick to read, even devouring, and never cease to amaze you, page after page.

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