Axel is a bad boy by definition: eighty kilograms of
muscles, arms covered with tattoos, and of course he
smokes and rides a motorcycle. Camilla had promised herself not to fall for a guy like him. And yet, things will get out of control between them.

Elena May

FORMAT: 146 x 219
PAGES: 372
WORDS: 85 000 approx.
RIGHTS SOLD: Italian (Believe Edizioni)

The Work

Camilla Brandson has always lived in Monaco with her parents who want her to follow the path they have laid out for her. She is to become a lawyer, like her father.
But this life, this golden cage in which she feels trapped, no longer suits her. The new start she has always been looking for finally comes when she moves to New York and begins sharing a room with Raphaelle, one of her oldest friends.
However, problems are never far away. She understands it very quickly when she meets Axel, the bad boy by definition: he’s incredibly attractive, with dark eyes as intense as they are diabolical, a dimpled smile revealing a set of gorgeous white teeth, a smoking hot, muscular body, and tattoos up and down his arms. Of course, he also smokes and rides a motorcycle. And incidentally, he’s her roommate’s booty call.
They are complete contrasts and can’t stand each other. And yet, one evening, even though she had promised herself not to fall for a guy like him, everything gets out of control.

The Author(s)

Elena May is a young woman who has loved reading and writing from a very young age. When she happened to discover new romance, it became a real passion. She has therefore set out on an adventure, creating novels that suit her and thrill like-minded readers who are also looking for emotion and passion in their reading. Elena May’s books are to be read quickly, even devoured whole, and they never cease to surprise you, page after page.

Key Sales Points

– A beautiful love story between complete opposites, revealing only love has the power to break down barriers.
– The author’s writing is highly addictive, funny, and truly refreshing.
– An electric, sensual atmosphere, loaded with an incredible sexual tension.