This book will take you on a journey from the Dominican Republic to Costa Rica in this part thriller, part fairy tale romance. It is here where the expression “love makes you blind” takes on its full meaning!

Laetitia Romano

FORMAT: 146 x 219
PAGES: 316
WORDS: 81 000 approx.

The Work

When Al and Lynn meet in the Dominican Republic, it’s love at first sight. Lynn is innocent and sweet; Al is a man with all the charisma a young woman could ever dream of. His charm is so captivating that when Al asks her to marry him very quickly, Lynn accepts without question.
But this perfect life is turned upside down when Lynn discovers the secrets hidden by her knight in shining armor. She will go from disillusionment to disappointment. Al is not the man Lynn thought he was. Far from it.
The arrival of Cruz, Al’s scandalously sexy younger brother, is not going to help her shake her wish for freedom. How will she manage to get out of her fiancé’s clutches? Between lies and betrayal, the beautiful American finds herself in a crazy love triangle she cannot seem to get out of…
This story is one of promises kept and broken, of love that hurts, and of a family where blood is sometimes not thicker than water. Suspense and roller-coaster emotions go hand in hand as the novel journeys from one paradisiacal landscape to the next and presents a panel of terrifying, horrible, compassionate, adorable, and interesting characters.

The Author(s)

Between her love for rock and her family life, Laetitia Romano’s path to writing has been one of many detours. When she finally takes her first steps on a writing platform and discovers her audience, everything clicks, and she is filled with abundant inspiration. Passionate about new romance, she likes her stories to depict characters with real flaws and tortured souls! This makes her electric romances exciting but also irresistibly touching. The author has also written Enemies or Lovers, In Your Eyes, Endless Summer, and Beautiful Lie.

Key Sales Points

– In the Top 20 Amazon bestsellers for all genres!
– Each chapter is even more captivating than the previous one, alternating from the 3 characters’ point of view.
– This novel is halfway between romance and thriller for a story that knows how to keep the reader in suspense.