AYDEN #1 Renaissance


AYDEN #1 Renaissance

Between a mysterious illness, a family full of secrets, and mystifying encounter with a fascinating yet infuriating man, Ayden is thrown into a new life she could have done without

FORMAT: 148 x 210
PAGES: 404
WORDS: 108 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

The Work

When she ends up in the hospital following a crisis, Ayden must go into exile in the countryside and stay with a grandmother she barely remembers. The old woman is the only person who has a remedy that will relieve Ayden of her ailments. Unfortunately, the young woman is a victim of this famous disease that has affected the females of her family for generations…
Her new life begins as she heals herself with herbal teas and enters a new school. There, she makes new friends and meets Cassandra Vesari, who takes Ayden under her wing. Eventually she runs into Cassandra’s brother Luca. Cold and haughty, he seems to hate her at first sight. But despite their mutual animosity, he fascinates her.
Between her zany grandmother and the Vesari family, the young girl will discover a dark world in which she has a major role to play.
At the risk of her life. And her heart…

The Author(s)

Elle Catt works as a training consultant in Nevers, France and holds a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Lille. Her favorite genres are fantasy and paranormal romance and she is passionate about creating other worlds and fascinating characters as soon as the sun sets, after spending time with her friends and family. She is the author of the bestselling series The Last Muse, published by Cherry Publishing.

Key Sales Points

– By the author of the bestselling The Last Muse series, which has sold over 23,000 copies, has over 1,400 ratings on Amazon, and has been translated into English and Italian.
– An original and fast-paced romance with twists and turns at every corner.
– A fluid style for easy reading that will keep the reader interested from beginning to end.