Anna is a single mother and teacher who leads a relatively simple life. Milo is a wealthy businessman who is used to call girls and partying. They never should have met, but as fate would have it, their paths cross…

FORMAT: 148 x 207
WORDS: 64 000 approx.

The Work

Anna teaches at a middle school and lives with her seven-year-old son whom she is raising alone. She doesn’t go out much and her love life is at a standstill, as she has no one to look after her child when she is away.
Milo is a wealthy businessman who is often on the move and doesn’t want to be bothered with romance. He is the head of a large chain of luxury hotels and restaurants, and he usually indulges in the services of an escort-girl.
One day, pushed by her best friend Astrid, Anna allows herself a girls’ night out and goes dancing with her friends. There she meets charismatic Milo, who she is attracted to instantly. He invites her to spend the night together, but the next morning he is cold and apathetically hands her an envelope of money. It turns out the high roller thought the teacher was a prostitute. Humiliated and furious, she slaps him and leaves without the money.

When Milo realizes his error, he does everything he can to seek forgiveness, largely going against his usual ways. But his past will eventually catch up with him… Will this prevent him from moving forward?

The Author(s)

Born in Paris in 1982, Mélanie Goullieux moved with her family to Arvert in Charente-Maritime in 1994. Commercial secretary in the automotive sector, Mélanie always finds time between her work and her personal life to let her imagination drift and invent new stories. Mother of two young children, love is often her main source of inspiration.

Key Sales Points

– A novel that blends sensibility with a measured hand, written with great delicacy.
– The characters are touching, endearing, and poignant…
– In life, there is always a choice, and this story studies
how once choice can truly change a life.