When Marianne drives her daughter to her first day of high school, the same place she herself went 20 years earlier, she comes face to face with her high school sweetheart who broke her heart. He wants to reconnect; she wants to avoid him…

FORMAT: 148 x 210
PAGES: 252
WORDS: 55 000 approx.
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2021
PUBLISHER: Plumes Du Web

The Work

At 38, Marianne has a real estate agency to manage, a daughter entering 9th grade, and a difficult past she is trying to come to terms with.
Nostalgic, she drives her daughter Charlotte to her first day of high school, the same place she went 20 years earlier. She still has trouble realizing her baby is all grown up. The years flew by as she raised her daughter alone and tried to overcome the mourning of her husband.
But if this new school year is a new milestone, she did not expect for a single moment to come face-to-face with her high school sweetheart. To top it off, Raphaël De Luca is Charlotte’s main teacher.
He wants to reconnect; she wants to avoid him. How can she avoid falling again for this man who once broke her heart?
She could do without this extra challenge in her life! Especially since her friends, who are a little nosy, are convinced she is making a mistake…

The Author(s)

Christelle Da Cruz is originally from Dordogne, France. Addicted to reading since she was a child, she is particularly fond of London and its Victorian era as well as historical thrillers and fantasy. In addition to her daily life as social worker, mother, and stepmom, she is also a passionate author who is driven by her feminist convictions.

Key Sales Points

– A story that mixes romance, tenderness, strong themes, and humor.
– This light, fresh book is an easy read and will help the reader unwind.