Everybody can Taste Wine Flavours and its Secrets


Everybody can Taste
Wine Flavours and its Secrets

Tout le monde sait déguster
Le goût du vin et ses secrets

Sophie Brissaud
Pierre Guigui

FORMAT: 140 x 210
PAGES: 120
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 29 000 approx.
PRICE: 12 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Apogée

The Work

Is wine tasting an art, a talent reserved for a few experts? A code, held by an enlightened elite? No, nothing of the sort. It is about using our senses and is accessible to everyone, because we all know how to taste.

Tasting not only involves taste, but also the senses of smell, touch and sight, as well as our feeling for a wine’s energy, things which are accessible to all wine lovers, whoever they are and wherever they come from.

Here, the practice of wine tasting is explained and developed, from the study of our physical senses to the notion of taste in various cultures. The end of the book is devoted to practical tasks, divided into thirteen sessions that approach the tasting of all types of wine, step-by-step, in the form of clear and simple lessons.

The Author(s)

Sophie Brissaud is a writer and journalist who specializes in cooking and wine. In 2009, she received the Edmond-de-Rothschild Award for Grands Crus classés, Grands Chefs Étoilés (La Martinière) and she is the author of the first season of the food documentary series Le Bonheur est dans l’assiette (Arte/Petit Dragon 2012).

Pierre Guigui is the founder of the Amphore competition for organic wines and has been its organizer since 1996. He is also a co-founder of the Breton wine revival. As a journalist and consultant, he has been the editor of fifteen books.

Key Sales Points

– A practical, refreshing book that brings tasting back to the basics: the love of wine and sensory experience.
– Written by food and wine experts.