Food and Wine Pairing For Everyone


Food and Wine Pairing
For Everyone

Les accords mets et vins
À la portée de tous

Laurie Matheson
Luc Dabadie

FORMAT: 140 x 210
PAGES: 156
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 36 000 approx.
PRICE: 12 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Apogée

The Work

Although UNESCO designated the French gastronomic meal as a feature of humanity’s “intangible cultural heritage” in 2010, the art of pairing food and wine has only recently been recognized in social and cultural constructions of taste. To get started you simply need to understand how the association between flavours works physiologically.

This book allows readers to understand these “workings” and offers them the keys to achieve their own associations going as far as including other drinks such as tea or beer.

The authors finally suggest a list of simple combinations, based on France’s favourite dishes in a celebration of everyday life.

The Author(s)

Laurie Matheson is a wine expert, specializing in auctions, and has worked with Artcurial since its beginnings. She is a member of various tasting committees, including that of the Revue du Vin de France.

Luc Dabadie
comes from a family of Madiran wine producers and is a wine broker and expert for Artcurial. He has been a member of the Compagnie des Courtiers Jurors Piqueurs de Vins de Paris since 2008, a professional body that can trace its origins back to 1322.

Key Sales Points

Pairings between food and wine are the cornerstones of French gastronomy.
– An ideal tool which is accessible to all without having to consult databases of wines we cannot get our hands on and dishes we never make.