English Painting


English Painting

La peinture anglaise

FORMAT: 160 x 240
PAGES: 256
BINDING: Softcover
PAPER: 115g
WORDS: 64 000 approx.
PRICE: 25.00 €
PUBLISHER: Le Temps éditeur

The Work

Written by a specialist in English culture, this work in full colour offers an analysis of forty-one paintings by English artists from the 18th century to the present day.

Each work is presented as a full page and accompanied by an outline biography of the artist, as well as a description and a detailed analysis that covers all aspects of the painting. Supported by a solid technical foundation, the text takes into account the approaches developed in recent decades in the field of visual culture, semiology, the sociology of reception etc.

In this book, aimed at English-speaking students and teachers as well as art lovers, readers will also find a critical bibliography of some sixty recent publications and a French-English glossary explaining almost one hundred and forty technical and historical terms.

The Author(s)

Béatrice Laurent is a lecturer at the University of the French West Indies and Guiana and a specialist in British iconography. Her thesis concerns Pre-Raphaelite painters and she has published widely on this and related subjects. She was the editor of William Morris, News from Nowhere published by Editions du Temps (2004) and also edits the collection Manuels d’études anglaises for the same publisher.

Key Sales Points

– Written by a renowned academic who specializes in British culture.
– An approach to English painting that is simultaneously technical, historical and cultural.
– A bilingual text for a thorough understanding of the works presented.
– The high-resolution images in full-colour allow the quality of the paintings to be better appreciated.