Cultures and People Humanity’s Rich Diversity


Cultures and People Humanity’s Rich Diversity

Des cultures et des hommes
Une humanité riche de ses diversités

FORMAT: 140 x 210
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 20 000 approx.
PRICE: 11 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Apogée

The Work

When her husband dies, Cassie Nolan returns home to Ireland, to Inis Mòr, in the windswept Aran Islands. It is the month of Samhain, the festival that marks the beginning and the end of the Celtic year, and announces the start of the Dark Time. As such, Samhain belongs neither to the year that is ending nor to the year that is beginning but is a timeless day when the living may meet the dead.

In the family home, she finds the diary of a young girl, Abby, who disappeared without trace forty years earlier at the same time of year. Cassie will not stop trying to find out what happened to this girl, an obsession that leads her to unearth a family secret that undermines everything she believes in.

The Author(s)

Amine Boukerche has a master’s degree in philosophy and bioethics and is currently a high school philosophy teacher. He has written De la fragilité de la démocratie (Apogée 2015), La Citoyenneté républicaine face au libéralisme économique (2017) and L’Algérie de Tocqueville, chronique d’une colonisation ratée (2018).

Key Sales Points

– An essay on a social issue that is more relevant than ever.
– A tool to counter intolerance by understanding what drives it.
– A simple, concise format, ideal for students of philosophy, sociology or history.