Albert Camus, Journalist Reporter in Algiers, Editorialist in Paris


Albert Camus, Journalist Reporter in Algiers, Editorialist in Paris

FORMAT: 140 X 210
PAGES: 300
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 84 000 approx.
PRICE: 20 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Apogée

The Work

This book allows us to put the importance of Albert Camus’ journalistic work in context, from his firstprofessional steps as a reporter in Algiers until his
memorable editorials, published in the columns of Combat during the Second World War, not forgetting his chronicles at L’Express.

From the outset, Albert Camus practiced a committed journalism that condemned the injustices experienced by the most disadvantaged and downtrodden. His journalistic life is marked by the correspondence between his work and his existence, a legacy of his relationship with the world, rooted in his childhood, and a duty to bear witness.

The Author(s)

María Santos-Sainz has a PhD in Information Science and is a lecturer at the Institute of Journalism at Bordeaux Montaigne University, where she was director from 2006 to 2012. Between 2010 and 2015, she was president of the CEJER which brings together researchers in journalism from prominent institutions, and she is a member of the Société des Etudes Camusiennes (Camusian Studies Society). She has written several books, including L’Élite journalistique et son pouvoir (Apogée, 2006) and Espagnols à Bordeaux et en Aquitaine (Sud-Ouest).

Key Sales Points

– In the current context of mistrust of the media, rethinking and drawing inspiration from Albert Camus, journalist seems more than necessary.
– No previous book has gathered and analyzed the whole of the famous author’s journalistic writing, a body of work in which his talent, social conscience and moral commitment are already obvious.