The Army of Watchers Volume 2 – The Fighting Forests


The Army of Watchers
Volume 2 –
The Fighting Forests

L’Armée des Veilleurs Tome 2 – Les forêts combattantes

FORMAT: 148 x 210
PAGES: 476
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 113 000 approx.
PRICE: 24 €
PUBLICATION DATE: September 2019
PUBLISHER: Tri Nox éditions

The Work

Brittany in 890. While the Bretons have managed to repel the Vikings on the banks of the Visnonia, a new danger threatens the unification of the kingdom.

Tasked by Count Alan, future king of Brittany, a group of warriors sinks deep into the forest of Brocéliande, to find a mysterious blacksmith whose metallurgical secrets can give them the upper hand against enemies.

But nothing goes as planned and their journey leads them to fight dreadful foes, echoing the prophecies of the monk Fidweten who had witnessed fearful events sixty years earlier

The Author(s)

After some years of being active on the music scene, as an instrumentalist, producer, record dealer and guitar teacher, Jérôme Nédélec turned to writing. Drawing on his enthusiasm for history, archeology, myths and imaginary worlds, his writing is strongly influenced by popular culture. He organizes literary cafes and writing workshops and regularly gives lectures on the links between the Vikings and Brittany.

Key Sales Points

– The bewildering world of the Brittany’s High Middle Ages with Breton, Viking and Frankish warriors, as well as monks, craftsmen, warlords, healers and witches, and not forgetting the mysterious beings that live in the forests of Brocéliande and Huelgoat.
– A breathless, historical fantasy novel – full of action.