The Army of Watchers Volume 1 – Watery Borders
Les forêts Combattantes


The Army of Watchers
Volume 1 –
Watery Borders

“Two peoples are ready to fight each other in a fury of metal and fire. But fate will decide otherwise…”

FORMAT: 148 x 210
PAGES: 474
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 116 000
PRICE: 24 €
PUBLISHER: Tri Nox éditions

The Work

At the very end of the ninth century, Vikings and Bretons, a Celtic people from Western France, faced each other on each side of the Visnonia, the river in south-east Brittany.

Two peoples, two armies, two soldiers, two men, ready to fight each other in a fury of metal and fire. One is Breton and takes part in the fortification of a ford; The other is Viking and is scouting to clear the way for the Viking army to settle in Brittany.

But for what? For greater wealth? To hold more land? Loyalty to a leader? Or because there is no other choice?

While the weapons are being sharpened and strategies developed, while the fears grow, the spirit of a mysterious little girl flies over the battlefield and creeps into the belligerents’ souls, trying to shape another fate from that sought by the warriors..

The Author(s)

After some years of being active on the music scene, as an instrumentalist, producer, record dealer and guitar teacher, Jérôme Nédélec turned to writing. Drawing on his enthusiasm for History, archeology, myths and imaginary worlds, his writing is strongly influenced by popular culture. He organizes literary cafes and writing workshops and regularly gives lectures on the links between the Vikings and Brittany.

Key Sales Points

– The author takes us on a real journey set in Ancient Times when two civilization fight for survival and glory.
– With strict respect for historical accuracy, the narrative world of The Army of Watchers combines History, Celtic beliefs and Viking mythology.
– A breathtaking story of good and evil combining political intrigue, fratricidal conflicts and war against the fearsome Vikings.