Killer Kills Killers


Killer Kills Killers

During a serial killers’ congress, participants are killed one after another in the same way they used to kill their victims. A killers’ killer in on the loose.

Danny-Philippe Desgagné

FORMAT: 190 x 300
WORDS: 148,000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Edition du 38
ALL RIGHTS AVAILABLE / The full English translation is available

The Work

After one crime, then a second, then a third perpetrated most likely by one or more serial killers, Sepp must team up with Helene, a profiler. But quickly, the duo is kidnapped by an organization: a serial killers’ society organizes a Konvention (with a “k” for “killer”) in a grand hotel. On the program: workshops to learn how to cover their tracks, the latest FBI tracking methods, training with the most modern detection and jamming tools, testimonies, and more… But the Konvention rules are strict and forbid killers to give in to their impulses throughout the state and for the period of the Konvention. However, a serial killer kills congress participants, one after the other, imitating their practices. Sepp and Helene are instructed by the organizers, under threat of seeing their relatives tortured and killed, to pretend to be two congressmen, in order to expose the killer. But working for killers has consequences and they witness the murder of the real people they pretend to be. The killings follow one another and their employer gives them little time to investigate before any evidence is removed and their access to information is restricted. Will Sepp and Helene manage to arrest the killer? Will they be able to do so without any collateral damage?

The Author(s)

Danny-Philippe Desgagné grew up in a mining town in northeastern Quebec, with a detective father and a mother at home. First a letter carrier for 7 years, then a bailiff for a few years, he was tired of working for others to make a living and started a business with his brothers. Following the death of his scriptwriter brother ten years ago, he decides to take up and finish the work they had started to write together: Killer kills Killers. Danny-Philippe is also the author of Irimi (éditions Félix), La flamme et l’abîme (éditions Triskele), and Le Sicarier (éditions SM).

Key Sales Points

– This book features endearing characters, for whompersonal difficulties and traumas are constantly intertwined with their work and their forced undercover job.
– Very human investigators confronted with inhuman monsters, but who hide it well.
– The reader is kept on the edge of his seat until the last page..