Horizons # 1


Horizons # 1

Horizons # 1

Lysiah Maro

FORMAT: 130 x 200
PAGES: 326
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 85 000
PRICE: 18.90 €
PUBLISHER: Inceptio Editions

The Work

2107. Two years earlier, the world was brutally and suddenly devastated. Today there are only ruins, dust and bodies and the few survivors try to get by, torn between the local militias and the big organizations fighting over the spared areas like vultures.
Across a hostile France, ravaged by the madness of men, Xalyah, a lonely and hardened young woman, braves all dangers to accomplish the one goal of finding her nearest and dearest. The rest does not matter, nor do the other people. But she will soon realize that to achieve her objective and stay alive, she will have to lower her guard and make the right choices …

The Author(s)

Lysiah Maro is a front-end web developer, born in 1988. Her love of reading has filled her head with dreams; dreams which have ended up becoming stories and landing on paper. Horizons is one of them and it saw the first light of day during her high school years, taking form over the years on scraps of paper, notebooks and tens of Word documents.

Key Sales Points

– Written with a flowing pen that lets the reader throw himself into the story.
– A strong-charactered, quick-witted heroine who leaves you dreaming.