Déviants, Tome 1: Innocence

Déviants, Tome 1: Innocence

FORMAT: 150 x 230
PAGES: 398
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 98,000 approx.
PRICE: 17.90 €
PUBLISHER: Plumes du Web

The Work

Survival. Resistance. Freedom. Three simple little words. The fight of a lifetime.

Twenty-year-old Gabrielle, is quiet medecine student who keeps herself to herself. She has long known she is different: she can enter and influence the thoughts of others. This is the kind of difference that it is better not to talk about in these troubled times, as the ruthless URS militia is hunting them more and more every day. To the government, they are considered to be… Deviants.

Her explosive meeting with Matthew, her attractive but annoying young psychology professor, sees her vision of the world shattered. The day he saves her life sending her a telepathic message, she realizes she is not alone. With him, she will join the Rebellion, a clandestine organization of Deviants, that look after their protection, searches for the origin of their faculties and teaches them to control their powers, more numerous than she would have ever thought.

Matthew and Gabrielle, increasingly harassed by the URS, and trying to learn more about the fate of the Deviants captured by the militia, are taking more and more risks. But those who could provide them with information are murdered one after the other.

The Author(s)

Cara Solak is a dynamic mother who lives her life at high speed. She has always loved reading and began writing as a teenager before devoting herself to it some twenty years later. She loves complicated, ambiguous characters and twists in the story. Deviants is her first book, a two-volume dystopian romance for teenagers and young adults.

Key Sales Points

– A beautiful dystopian romance which gradually increases in intensity.
– There is never a dull moment as, with twists and turns, the story switches between action and information. We quickly become attached to the characters and are drawn into the story.