One day, Camille, a young woman damaged by life, is tempted by the first prize of a lottery: “Do you hate the grey weather and nights that fall at 4:30 pm? Live a year free of November!”.

FORMAT: 148 x 205
PAGES: 256
WORDS: 53 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Eyrolles éditions

The Work

First prize: Do you hate the grey weather and nights that fall at 4:30 pm? Live a year free of November!
When she comes across a small leaflet promoting a
local lottery, Camille understands that she is to win. During this month of non-November, she lives through a strange suspended time, stripped of any date marker, which invites her to take a few unexplored paths, while all around her the world goes on as if nothing had happened. On Camille’s path, during this unique experience, there will be Maxime, the local café waiter. There will also be little messages written in glittering blue ink, lots of tea and sometimes too much alcohol. Finally, there will be the man from the lottery, sometimes there, sometimes missing, sometimes understandable and sometimes obscure, often surreal, the red thread of this month on the edge of real life.
By accepting to let herself out of her comfort zone, at first somewhat hesitant, then completely turned upside down, Camille will let herself be carried away by the strangeness from which she will gradually come to understand her own story.
The author explores the twists and turns of a life burdened by a secret that is all the more damaging as it is buried deep in the unconscious memory, expressing itself only through symptoms that remain ununderstandable.

The Author(s)

Gaëlle Pingault is a short story writer, a novelist, a writing workshop coordinator, and a speech therapist. It all depends on the direction of the wind! She won the Chambéry First Novel Festival and the Lions Club Prize for Literature for her first novel, Il n’y a pas internet au paradis. She has published Les Coeurs imparfaits (Eyrolles), which won the 2020 Merlieux des bibliothèques award.

Key Sales Points

– A voice and a natural sense of poetry.
– A softly offbeat novel in which we follow Camille, a young woman upset with the month of November who wins a lottery for “a year free of November”.
– A rare novel to explore the lost twin syndrome.