A feel-good novel about regaining hope and optimism, meant to transform anxiety into confidence.

FORMAT: 130 x 180
WORDS: 107 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Alliage éditions

Greek (Pedio Publishing)

The Work

Meryl is a young dancer who sees her hopes of a promising career crushed by a tragic accident. She finds refuge by becoming a waitress at The Little Factory, a café crowded with people wounded by life. There, she meets Robin, a sportsman who hides his injury behind antisocial behavior. A tender love story is woven through the pages of this feel-good novel about people hurt by life and looking to rebuild themselves.
This tale of intertwined destinies takes place at the time of the Coronavirus, a player who unexpectedly enters the novel like it did in our daily life, with its share of fear and uncertainties. Fortunately, Amanda, the owner of The Little Factory, keeps an eye on things and gives hope to the most broken.
To rebuild her life, Meryl will discover that she’s not the only one suffering and that she can help others. Will she find the strength to look at the rising sun? Sometimes all it takes is some pancakes, a hot chocolate, a lucky cat and a good book to get the taste of happiness back again, all sprinkled with the spark of friendship and the irresistible power of love.

The Author(s)

Alice Quinn lives in the south of France with her family and cats. She is the happy author of Au pays de Rosie Maldonne, a series of fun mystery novels whose Un Palace en Enfer (éd. Michel Lafon) was the #1 bestseller in digital sales for the year 2013. Its English translation, Queen of the Trailer Park, was part of the Amazon’s Top 100 US sales. Alice Quinn has also written historical detective novels like Une enquête à Cannes à la Belle-Époque (AmazonPublishing and City éd.). The Little Happiness Factory is part of her feel-good collection that began with Brille, tant que tu vis (Alliage éd.), a Fnac-Kobo best-seller in 2020.

Key Sales Points

– The characters, with whom we can all identify, have been deeply affected by life and show solidarity and resilience in order to rebuild themselves.
– The beginning of the Covid-19 crisis is brilliantly portrayed and reflects everything that each of us has felt in recent months.
– This novel is to be enjoyed with a homemade cookie and hot chocolate.