Louise, a promising and awarded actress, is quickly
trapped in the twists and turns of domestic violence.
Her own life seems worthy of the film that made her

FORMAT: 140 x 225
PAGES: 200
WORDS: 36 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Ramsay éditions


The Work

Louise Godwin is a 25-year-old talented actress with a brilliant career ahead of her, launched by Secret in the Night, a film about domestic violence. She is happy and her career is about to take off. She and Kevin fall under each other’s spell and soon the lovers get married.
But everything in Louise’s life soon falls apart. She has the sinking suspicion that that her husband is following her every move. Her friends and colleagues worry about the influence he has on the young actress. Louise’s acting deteriorates and her career is soon at a standstill. Louise’s friends Olga and Karl set out on an investigation to shed light on who Kevin truly is and find out that he is none other than Colin Martin, a former actor and sociopath who got into drugs.
It is then that Louise discovers that she is living in a scenario worthy of the very film that made her famous.

The Author(s)

Cynthia Sardou is the daughter of Michel Sardou, a famous singer in France. She worked as a journalist in France for the news channel I-Télé, now known as Cnews, and was a reporter in California for film events such as the Oscars. After years attending and reporting on the Golden Globes, she moved to Canada to host her own cultural radio show. She is the author and co-author of several autobiographical”Appelez-moi Li Lou” books as well as the anthology Aimer, Encore et Toujours (Love Now and Forever). The Film, which peeks into the world of cinema, is her first novel and was mainly inspired by her experience abroad.

Key Sales Points

– More than 3,000 copies sold the first month.
– This novel features talented and determined women who influence the world of cinema.
– A Hitchcockian fiction between shadow and light, between a dream come true and the reality of life.
– A great love story that turns into a nightmare.
– A compelling novel in which many women will identify.