A contemporary love story, faithfully reproduced in a historical painting, directly leads a couple on a mysterious journey into the heart of China.

FORMAT: 145x 220
PAGES: 232
WORDS: 73000 approx.
RIGHTS SOLD: German (Drachenhaus Verlag), English (Harvard Square Publishing)
PUBLISHER: M+ éditions

The Work

Melisande teaches Mandarin and is passionate about China. Guillaume is an architect. Their meeting seems unexpected yet predestined. Without knowing why, their love for each other is absolutely obvious to them. It is true love at first sight.
One day, as Melisande and Guillaume are browsing the stands at a garage sale, their gaze falls upon a strange painting. In the foreground, they see a serene Chinese woman, while in the background they spot a couple who could easily be taken for them. They are further intrigued when they notice that Guillaume’s precious watch is faithfully reproduced and it seems that the painting really does depict them as a much older couple. How can such a coincidence be possible? Or is there something more to it?
When they decide to have this odd painting examined, Melisande and Guillaume do not yet imagine all the secrets that the Chinese woman is hiding and how much their life will change.
To unravel its mysteries, the two lovers set off on a great journey through China during which they discover the source of their unconditional love. Their shared and abiding feeling of déjà vu at last makes sense in the Chinese painting. Driven by an irresistible curiosity and guided by their feelings for each other, they make many discoveries about their common destiny, each more surprising than the last.

The Author(s)

Florence Tholozan is a teacher of clinical psychology. The Chinese Woman in the Painting is her first novel.

Key Sales Points

– Winner of the Authors Words Award in 2020.
– Nominated for the 2019 Romantic Book Award, the Lion’s Literature Award 2021, and the Asia 2021 Award.
– The mysteries that lie behind the characters’ meeting and their relationship to the painting.
– Learn about China with a detailed and faithful description of its civilization.