Learning that she has breast cancer, Anita decides she will end her days herself instead of waiting for death to come. But life is full of (good) surprises!

FORMAT: 130 x 180
PAGES: 230
WORDS: 56 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Alliage éditions
RIGHTS SOLD: French audiobook (SAGA Egmont)

The Work

“My name is Anita Moreau and I live in a two-bedroom apartment in Jersey, just above a Thai restaurant. Today is my birthday. I won’t tell you how old I am because it’s been agreed that we ladies keep things like that a secret. Everything is ready: the champagne, my dress. I even bought myself some perfume. It smells like vanilla, like a trip to the tropical islands. And I’m going to spray some on my bed. It’s quite an exceptional event. I don’t want to miss it. I want my ‘big leap’ to be a success.” Anita refuses to be fate’s pawn, but she is forced to postpone her big plans due to an unexpected phone call from her doctor telling her she has breast cancer. But life, full of surprises, plays tricks on even the most methodical. On the road to Noirmoutier Island, a handsome, mysterious man crosses her path and she discovers that she cannot shake him from her thoughts.
Nevertheless, she refuses this emotional upheaval with all her might. Anita wants to end her days herself, and not to let the disease decide her fate. But she doesn’t realize that her plans have changed. What if life is not always what is expected, but something even more beautiful and poetic?

The Author(s)

Alice Quinn lives in the south of France with her family and cats. She is the happy author of Au pays de Rosie Maldonne, a series of fun mystery novels whose Un Palace en Enfer (éd. Michel Lafon) was the #1 bestseller in digital sales for the year 2013. Its English translation, Queen of the Trailer Park, was part of the Amazon’s Top 100 US sales. Alice Quinn has also written historical detective novels like Une enquête à Cannes à la Belle-Époque (AmazonPublishing and City éd.). The Little Happiness Factory is part of her feel-good collection that began with Brille, tant que tu vis (Alliage éd.), a Fnac-Kobo best-seller in 2020.

Key Sales Points

– A beautiful and unusual love story that is as moving as it is fascinating.
– A story of forbidden love, a story of second chances. With infinite tenderness, the author brings characters to life with disarming accuracy.
– A book that stirs the desire to love.