It is with a lot of humor and tenderness that these 3 cats observe the two-legged family they have adopted. Melchior, Doudou and Spot prove to be very funny but also merciless towards their human companions!

FORMAT: 140 x 205
PAGES: 304
WORDS: 89 000 approx.

The Work

Melchior, a schizophrenic aristocrat, Spot, a well-known thief, and Doudou, a sophisticated and elegant lady, share a house, a garden, and a dead-end street in Shanghai. Cohabitation is not easy, but seasons pass, marked by the same routines: kibble time, observing their two-legged slaves with disconcerting habits, naps on the warm floor of the terrace, hunting cockroaches or kikis. One day, however, everything goes wrong under the bamboo trees…
Melchior, Spot and Doudou are cats. Their feline adventures unfold in funny, poetic, often imaginative chronicles, unaware of the drama being played out among their human slaves. The beauty of this unique novel lies in the grace and absurdity of our lives, seen through the eyes of cats.

The Author(s)

After studying the Chinese language at the INALCO in Paris, Esmeralda Lladser moved to China where she worked with her husband to develop their business. This debut novel is inspired by her last year as an overseas resident, when her host country was taking a new turn.

Key Sales Points

– Three hilarious cat portraits that will speak to all cat enthusiasts: Melchior, Doudou, Spot, here, each cat has its own voice, quirks and personality, and the author succeeds in making them endearing.
– A successful insight, through the eyes of the cats, of the atmosphere of a neighborhood life in Shanghai, and of the economic crisis that the family is going through.